Marshall’s  banking litigation practice provided him the opportunity of working with and learning from top counsel. From 1987 until Mr. Major’s appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada, Mr. Marshall was co-counsel with Jack Major, one of Canada’s leading trial lawyers, of Bennett Jones, defending Royal Bank of Canada in a series of multi-million dollar lender liability lawsuits.  From 1991-98, Marshall defended these cases with co-counsel Cliff O'Brien, another top trial lawyer at Bennett Jones.  Leading solicitor, T. Wm. Snowdon, was the first senior lawyer to significantly influence Marshall. Bill demonstrated to juniors like Vaughn how to conduct themselves with clients and that being a true gentleman of the law is what clients in high pressure, high priority cases appreciated most.  Before establishing a Boutique  Banking Litigation firm in 1993, Marshall had for a decade been a partner in Cook Snowdon, a preeminent AV rated mid-sized Calgary law firm then affiliated with AV rated firms in Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York City.  During his first decade representing banks Marshall,  working in collaboration with California firms including Buchalter Nemer   and  Sheppard Mullin, was involved in Canadian banking lawsuits in California courts, one of which went from an L.A.  jury verdict all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States.  Marshall also did a  sabbatical with Barry Cappello, a top California lender liability lawyer. Marshall then acted only for banks and wanted to learn from top guns acting against them. Cappello acted only for borrowers and gave Marshall the opportunity of working with the jury consultant  prior to trial in a lender liability case against G.E.Credit Corp. Cappello won a  $64 Million jury verdict
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