A sampling of Marshall's non-bank-related court work includes the following ( now resolved):

Residential Schools Class Action  to compensate Aboriginal children abused in Canada's Residential Schools.
FLDS Polygamy Sects -  legal consultant to plural wives and young males leaving BC and US sects, acted in Winston Blackmore divorce case and played small role in BC Polygamy Reference trial.
Mount Herbert Orphanage representative action against Protestant Children's Trust and the Government of Prince Edward Island to compensate orphans confined and abused in orphanage.
Saint John's School of Alberta for physical and mental abuse during wilderness trip in 70s
Jehovah's Witness Watchtower Society civil action to compensate parent who lost child because  of the imposition of JW religious beliefs which prevented child's proper medical treatment.
Hepatitis-C Class Action against Governments of Canada and Alberta to compensate Hep-C victims.
Vioxx National Class Action  — Canada.· 
Good Year Tire and Rubber Class Action to compensate for damage by bad heating hose.
Terayon Communications Class Action -  Canadian counsel to Milberg Weiss.
Lynnview Ridge representative action to compensate residents for soil contamination. 
Energy Resources Conservation Board civil suit to avoid unfair cleanup costs  imposed on small company.
Alberta Treasury Branches civil suit for former NHL player for recovery of golf course investment.
Calgary Stampeders civil suit to compensate former COO Fred Fateri for his share of football club.

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