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Sun Life Plaza – West Tower
2600, 144 - 4th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada  T2P 3N4                    
Tel:  (403) 270-4110  §  Fax: (403) 206-7075

Mr. Marshall handles cases of interest to him such as
abuse, mass tort,  constitutional,  Charter, human rights 
and institutional coercion.  As Marshall Attorneys he 
collaborates with other lawyers in large lawsuits.

Profiles of Mr. Marshall:
Calgary Herald 2005
Living Magazine 1996
National Lawyers Magazine 1992
           His cases in the news ...

Wrongful dismissal, employment law, complex litigation, human rights, class actions,  class action, , law, mass torts, Fundamentalist church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Rulon Jeffs, Warren Jeffs, Winston Blackmore, Jane Blackmore, Bountiful, polygamous, polygamy, plural wives, unjust enrichment, restitution, constructive trust, Colorado City, Jehovah’s Witnesses, spiritual coercion, aboriginal war veterans, Eagleson, NHLPA, NHL Players Association, Watchtower Society, lender liability, business torts, residential school, residential schools, litigation, institutional abuse, promotion and tenure, banking litigation, insolvency, receivership, commercial litigation, business litigation, trial lawyers, civil litigation, financial litigation, employment, law, Barristers, Solicitors, Church of Scientology, Franklin George Vaughn Marshall, Attorney at Law, F. G. Vaughn Marshall, FG Vaughn Marshall, F. G. V. Marshall, FGV Marshall, lawyer, barrister, counsel, Von Marshall, IOGA, Sarg Oils, EUB, EAB, Energy Utilities Board, Energy Resources Conservation Board, Environmental Appeal Board, Environmental Appeals Board